People Under The Stairs' Secret Song

A vinyl only bonus track off People Under the Stairs' "Carried Away." The dreamy track samples Radiohead's Reckoner. The creator's take on "All Good Things":

“This was the final track recorded for Carried Away, and it was recorded as the dust settled and the feelings of unease approached as the talks turned from ‘how’s the album coming along’ to ‘how are we going to be able to market this?’ With the whole structure in shambles,I just wanted to capture how i felt, both musically and spiritually about where i was in my career; in my life. In a not so ironic twist, because of label worry over sample issues, the song got pulled from the record at the last minute. I am happy to have both a vocal and an instrumental here to give away, as this song means a lot to me. ” - Thes One

PUTS have decided to leave their record label, citing creative independence, and have formed an online based co-op artist union Piecelock 70 (PL70). Thes One originally founded PL70 in 2004 as a business framework for PUTS. As the group's recognition grew it took on new roles ranging from touring and logistics to production and manufacturing. PL70's concept stems from the idea that the artist should have a direct relationship with his/her fans. The absence of a label and other middlemen, the framework assures creative control and guarantees that money spent on music, concerts and merchandise benefits the artist. Enjoy the free downloads and check out the other artists that make up the PL70 team. Oh yeah, watch this video in which Thes One explains the origins and purpose of Piecelock 70.

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