Swedish Dreamers

Swedish hip hop group, Looptroop Rockers, dishes out a single to get inspired to, the type of track you want to listen in the morning to get you pumped to chase your dreams. Just press play, don't let the day get away. In their own words:

"Dedicated to everybody who's set their mind to living their dream. We knew pretty early on that we wanted the new album to be called 'Professional Dreamers'. A few pieces to this album's Looptroop puzzle magically fell in to place on a beautiful day in the fall of 2009. Supreme had just had a meeting with our good friend and documentary film maker Simon Klose, where they had discussed Simon's uncle and his research on dreams at the Lund university back in the seventies. Apparently his uncle had been the first in the world to take photos of the brain using different colors to indicate the brain's activity during sleep - and that way actually seeing when the person was dreaming. So he was literally photographing dreams.
Promoe on his hand had just been inspired by a comment in Werner Herzog's movie 'Encounters at the End of the World', to the new Looptroop album's title - Professional Dreamers. Him and Supreme spoke on the phone the same day, and it was just so obvious - the title and the album cover was already there! Now all we needed were the songs...
Fast forward to a little more than a year later - Barcelona, December 2010. We teamed up with 19 year old pro skater Josef Scott Jatta - who is the very essence of a professional dreamer - to shoot the video in his hometown for the moment."

Life is a Gift

Last week we celebrated one of my friend's bachelor party. Old friends, basketball, good tunes, pranks and laughter were omnipresent. It was one of those weeks that made everyone realize how blessed we are. We also got reminded the importance of a good detox period.

Certain songs will always bring us back to that awesome week, especially this one. Sean Paul's Life is a Gift fits cruising around sunny Florida perfectly. Music's nostalgic power is extraordinary. Another gift is that Mello now has some flow for Colombia


Biggie and The XX

Ha! Yes mashes up Notorious BIG and the XX.


Childish Gambino: Freaks and Geeks

Childish Gambino is on the hip hop radar. One can expect witty intelligent verses and a delivery that resembles Lupe Fiasco's. His voice is unique and should grow on you.


RIP Biggie Smalls

His legacy lives on. If he was alive today Notorious Big would still stand out lyrically. One can only wonder where his subject matter would have taken us.


Gorilla Warfare Tactics

The emerging NY trio brings a smooth summer jam.


Democracy Now: Arab Hip Hop and Revolution

Democracy Now! interviews rapper The Narcicyst, a member of Montreal's Arab hip hop community. Make your way over to Iraq is the Bomb for more on the movement, show dates and downloads.


Nice & Smooth

A gem from 1992. My cousin is getting married tonight. Good times ahead. Haha, my aunt just asked if Nice & Smooth was Michael Jackson!! That's all for now.


People Under The Stairs' Secret Song

A vinyl only bonus track off People Under the Stairs' "Carried Away." The dreamy track samples Radiohead's Reckoner. The creator's take on "All Good Things":

“This was the final track recorded for Carried Away, and it was recorded as the dust settled and the feelings of unease approached as the talks turned from ‘how’s the album coming along’ to ‘how are we going to be able to market this?’ With the whole structure in shambles,I just wanted to capture how i felt, both musically and spiritually about where i was in my career; in my life. In a not so ironic twist, because of label worry over sample issues, the song got pulled from the record at the last minute. I am happy to have both a vocal and an instrumental here to give away, as this song means a lot to me. ” - Thes One

PUTS have decided to leave their record label, citing creative independence, and have formed an online based co-op artist union Piecelock 70 (PL70). Thes One originally founded PL70 in 2004 as a business framework for PUTS. As the group's recognition grew it took on new roles ranging from touring and logistics to production and manufacturing. PL70's concept stems from the idea that the artist should have a direct relationship with his/her fans. The absence of a label and other middlemen, the framework assures creative control and guarantees that money spent on music, concerts and merchandise benefits the artist. Enjoy the free downloads and check out the other artists that make up the PL70 team. Oh yeah, watch this video in which Thes One explains the origins and purpose of Piecelock 70.


Viva Mexico

I got into Mexico tonight. This morning I was on my way to Panama's airport and Cypress Hill's "Tequila Sunrise" fittingly came on the radio. It took me by surprise considering most stations are blasting reggaeton and pop.