PUTS: From Real to Reel

The People Under The Stairs came into a being shortly after Thes One and Double K met at a LA record store. In this Vimby Music clip, the 2 emcees touch on the roots of PUTS, how their approaches to crate digging/sampling meshed, and the brainstorming behind the "Trippin at the Disco" video.

Thes One recalls the beginning of PUTS, "We were like the people under the stairs, we just tucked away. We weren't trying to floss." Their music practices what the duo preaches:
  • Stay grounded.

  • Have fun.

  • Pay tribute to influences and mentors.

Thes One also makes a valid point regarding the music business,

We were blessed with the talent. I have a hard time feeling sorry for dudes when
things are so much easier than they were. Like, you don't have to get signed. If
it was 86, the only way you were going to make a record was if you went into
the office with a cassette tape and said please put me on. And it's not like
that anymore.

Thes One warns musicians to stop blaming the music industry for the lack of buzz and sales, implying that if the internet does not generate word of mouth then it may be time to go back to the drawing board.

Now 7 albums deep, PUTS remain fans in the crowd first, performers on stage second. The duo's appeal derives from their ability to convey how much fun they are having through creative beats, candid lyrics and homages to their cities, family and friends, favorite brew and foods and old school hip hop acts. Their latest album "Carried Away" was recorded on reel to reel to create a raw distorted sound reminiscent of 80s hip hop pioneers. While the LA natives continue to dig through crates listeners continue to dig in search for fun loving tunes, often finding them under the stairs.

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