Nas and Damian Marley Link up at Nat Geo in DC

"Reggae and hip-hop, those are the two soundtracks for young people around the world."

"Nas and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley explore the origins of the deeply-rooted reggae and hip hop genre, tracing both sounds back to African music. They will debate and celebrate the implications of this culture’s impact on the global community with a panel of pioneers—from DJ Kool Herc and DJ Red Alert to Jamaican dancehall legend, Daddy U-Roy, King Jammy, and moderator Sway Calloway of MTV. The event at National Geographic is being filmed for an upcoming documentary." To get to Nas and D. Marley skip ahead to the 1:56:00 mark.

This Washington Post article previewed the event and touches on the commonalities between hip hop and reggae and the messages Damian and Nas intend to convey.

Sixty minutes of audio is not enough to express everything we want to express...When it comes down to the hip-hop/reggae thing, we want to hear from other artists and pioneers. And when it comes to the Africa part we want to hear from African artists from the ground -- ground zero.

- Damian Marley

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