Gotan Project: Tango with Contemporary Elements

The Gotan Project is a Paris based trio that thrives on blending Tango with contemporary dance and electronica. Their name derives from the reversal of the syllables (Tango--- Gotan). This form of worldplay is characteristic of Rioplatense Spanish. Their offerings (La Revancha del Tango and the more folkloric LunĂ¡tico) to date are amazing plays.

On "Mi Confesion" the band adds a hip hop touch courtesy of Buenos Aires natives
Koxmoz. This is about as passionate as HiphoPolitico gets. It seems like a fitting soundtrack to the nostalgic trips that we take at the end of a year and the forward looking mindset and sense of hope that arrives with the new year.

"The beats are sparse and liquid, and the transition from Buenos Aires bordello to European dance floor is seamless" - Rolling Stone.

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