Chiddy Bang: From Chinatown Bus to Jet Setting

Under Black Thought's wings, fellow Philly natives Chiddy Bang ( Chidera Anamege & Xaphoon Jones) are poised to show up on your hip hop radar. Their Swelly Express mixtape embodys their hip hop aspirations, telling the story of several Chinatown bus trips from Philly to NYC to meet with record execs. The mixtape samples Sufjan Stevens, Mary Poppins, Passion Pit, Belle and Sebastien and MGMT Chiddy's witty upbeat shoot for the stars electro-hip hop sound is a more radio friendly version of Supreeme's. Alongside the amazing Kids remix (spotlighted on HiphoPolitico back in the summertime) other standout tracks include Dream Chasin', Decline, Truth, Slow Down(feat. Black Thought) and Never...the list goes on. They're all great plays on a Friday.

Dream Chasin'

Decline (Belle and Sebastien)

Truth (Passion Pit)

All Things Go (Sufjan Stevens)

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