RE NOLA: 4 Years Later

It's no secret that Mos Def was shaken (see Katrina Clap video below) by Hurricane Katrina's wake and the government's slow, mismanaged and poorly led relief efforts. Fast forward four years and Mighty Mos continues to voice his outrage and encourage others to help displaced families get back on their feet. Find out below how you can help out:

My parents just moved to NOLA and it only takes a day's worth to get an idea of what makes the Big Easy special. The spirit of New Orleans lies in the history, the hospitality, the French, Spanish, English and Creole influences, the fine dining, architecture, the arts, potholes, festivities, live music and hurricane seasons. Simply said, each street corner brings a new surprise solidifying New Orleans' vigor and its residents' tenacity. It's also awesome to be able to go from partying it up on Bourbon St. to relaxing in a premier jazz club within a few minutes.

Mos Def- Katrina Clap

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