Beastie Boys: DoubleCheck Your Head

While the novelty factor of Max Tannone's Jaydiohead hasn't worn off yet, the emerging remix mastermind has been on the grind again. This time slicing and dicing Beastie Boys' Check Your Head. With Jaydiohead, Max combined Jay-Z and Radiohead tracks; this time around he blends songs off Check Your Head- the outcome is fresh. The Beastie Boys feel is still intact, hence four of the Tannone's mash ups are up on their official website. Enjoy below or via the DoubleCheckYourMind site. Tannone on his latest creation:

I made the project in support of the Beastie Boys recent reissue of their "Check Your Head" (one of my personal favorites.) The concept is that the Beastie Boys are mashed up with themselves, rapping over tracks sampling their own instrumentals, with all vocals and sampled elements coming from "Check Your Head."

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