The Roots are Back at it Again

HiphoPolitico hit the snooze button in Panama. Honestly I am still getting accustomed to my work, searching for an apartment, making the most of the hostels, making new friends and settling down in this paradise. I hope to bounce back strong with Panamanian sounds. In the meantime, enjoy the title track off the upcoming Roots album. One love.


BlakRoc: The Black Keys and your favorite MCs

The Damon Dash orchestrated BlacRoc project brings together the Black Keys and the likes of Mos Def, Ludacris, Q-Tip, Raekwon, RZA, Pharoahe Monch. This was bound to happen as rap sounds on point over guitar riffs. In the words of Raekwon, "BlakRoc is brilliant acid." Monch's take: "What it meant to me, I always knew: great rock music and great hip hop music fused together can create undeniable greatness. - the Keys are the truth. "


Sat Night Feel Good: AI and Co's Press Hop

HiphoPolitico is coming straight from Panama by Luis (chilled out hostel outside the hustle and bustle of Panama City). My luggage may be lost for good and my laptop is running on low juice but the spirits are high. Have a good one.


Kid CuDi: Hombre en La Luna

Sure the Crookers remix is played out (for good reason) but this video (shot back in April 08) is tight. CuDi's debut album Man on the Moon (End of the Day) is out on Tuesday (9/15). Treat yourself to two leaks at The AtariCoolKids. Their album review is spot on. Enough nonsense about hype, the kid is legit.

Beastie Boys: DoubleCheck Your Head

While the novelty factor of Max Tannone's Jaydiohead hasn't worn off yet, the emerging remix mastermind has been on the grind again. This time slicing and dicing Beastie Boys' Check Your Head. With Jaydiohead, Max combined Jay-Z and Radiohead tracks; this time around he blends songs off Check Your Head- the outcome is fresh. The Beastie Boys feel is still intact, hence four of the Tannone's mash ups are up on their official website. Enjoy below or via the DoubleCheckYourMind site. Tannone on his latest creation:

I made the project in support of the Beastie Boys recent reissue of their "Check Your Head" (one of my personal favorites.) The concept is that the Beastie Boys are mashed up with themselves, rapping over tracks sampling their own instrumentals, with all vocals and sampled elements coming from "Check Your Head."


RE NOLA: 4 Years Later

It's no secret that Mos Def was shaken (see Katrina Clap video below) by Hurricane Katrina's wake and the government's slow, mismanaged and poorly led relief efforts. Fast forward four years and Mighty Mos continues to voice his outrage and encourage others to help displaced families get back on their feet. Find out below how you can help out:

My parents just moved to NOLA and it only takes a day's worth to get an idea of what makes the Big Easy special. The spirit of New Orleans lies in the history, the hospitality, the French, Spanish, English and Creole influences, the fine dining, architecture, the arts, potholes, festivities, live music and hurricane seasons. Simply said, each street corner brings a new surprise solidifying New Orleans' vigor and its residents' tenacity. It's also awesome to be able to go from partying it up on Bourbon St. to relaxing in a premier jazz club within a few minutes.

Mos Def- Katrina Clap

Sat Night Feel Good: It's Getting Late but I Don't Mind