Infectious Samba Hip Hop

Just try to keep your dancing feet still to Marcelo D2's A Procura da Batida Perfeita. The song's title translates to "Looking for the Perfect Beat." The Rio de Janeiro MC, formerly a vocalist for Planet Hemp, has established his enticing samba hip hop sound beyond the borders of Brazil.

Marcelo D2 grew up on the edges of Rio's favelas, far from the picturesque ocean side neighborhoods. Prior to his music breakout, Marcelo worked as a paper boy, doorman, a cleaner and vendor. In his late teens, he served in the Brazilian military, ironically giving him a higher chance of survival than remaining in violent drug infested streets. Marcelo's early hardships have blessed him with bottomless lyrical substance and relentless drive to reinvent his music.

Marcelo D2- A Procura de Batida Perfeita

Marcelo D2- Qual é

Marcelo D2- Gueto

Marcelo D2- Loadeando ( performed with his son)

Planet Hemp- Queimando Tudo

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