Edgewood Mural Kicks off DC's Mural Program

Fittingly titled "From Edgewood to the Edge of the World"(click here for panaoramic view), the spirited block long artwork treats Red line commuters to a glimpse and invites locals and tourists to embrace a DC neighborhood that is usually overlooked.

The Edgewood mural stemmed from a parternship between The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, the youth employment program and the New Jersey based nonprofit artist collective
Albus Cavus. Albus Cavus fosters community development through public art projects by reviving shunned common public spaces and providing young residents with a sense of belonging and duty.

Peter Krsko, director of Albus Cavus, elaborates on the mural's message:
Historically, this was the edge of the known world for Washingtonians, were not afraid to step beyond the border, beyond the edge, and discover something new and exciting and make the city large and more prosperous. Basically, as the title of the wall means, we would like people to step beyond their own personal boundaries.
The Edgewood mural is the first of seven murals that will go up around the city as part of MuralsDC. The program, created by DC council Jim Graham, aims to prevent graffiti vandalism by providing legal space. Graham explains,
It's an effort to control the spread of graffiti in the city and offer a different artistic expression. When there is a mural, we've found that people are less likely to deface it than when there is a blank wall.
The city's newfound approach to graffiti mirrors that of Philadelphia's stance. For more information on the Edgewood mural andMuralsDC refer to the following WP articles:

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