Hip Hop Caucus: Green The Block

Hip hop Caucus's Green the Block Initiative simultanously tackles urban poverty and climate change challenges. HHC carries out grassroots efforts and capitalizes on celebrities to push the three pillars of the initiative:

Click below to listen to Van Jones( Obama’s special adviser for green jobs) elaborate on his vision to redefine Americans perception of green jobs.

When you think about green, you often think about people who have a lot of money and who can afford a certain lifestyle. But really what the green economy represents is a massive opportunity for new work, new wealth and better health for all Americans

Historically, green jobs and green products have been painted as luxuries. It's time for a new lens that spreads the present day benefits and forward looking vision. Jones also founded Green for All, an organization that recognizes the importance of incorporating low income people into the development of America's green economy and is author of The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems.

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