Wise and Irie Alliance

HiphoPolitico goes from Zion I to Road to Zion. This stellar track offers a glimpse of what's to come from Nas and Damian Marley's collaborative album Distant Relatives. For now, enjoy the video (note the George Clinton, The Game and Chali2na appearances).

In my lifetime I look back at paths i've walked
Where savages fought and pastors taught
Prostitutes stomp in high heel boots
And badges screaming,"Young black children stop or I will shoot!"
I look back at cooked crack
Plus cars that pass by
Jaguars mad fly
And I'm guilty for materialism
Blacks is still up in the prison Trust that
So save me your sorries, I'm raising an army
Revolutionary warfare with Damian Marley
We sparkin' the ions, marching to Zion
You know how Nas be NYC state of mind I'm in
- Nas

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