Sat Night Feel Good: Out of the Ordinary

"The rapping is in Spanish; the music is from Puerto Rico, Macedonia and Nigeria; the sensibility is from Mars. Grammy-winning duo Calle 13 have no analogue in U.S. hip-hop: They're pop-savvy hitmakers with globe-trotting tastes and a riotous sense of humor. Here, they flaunt their cosmopolitanism, collaborating with Mexican rockers Café Tacuba ("No Hay Nadie Como Tu") and spicing their songs with Afro beats, polka and, on "Fiesta de Locos," Balkan brass. Spanish-speakers will love Residente's witty raps, but you don't need to know a word to grasp his message: a plea to bury geographic boundaries under an unstoppable groove." - Rolling Stone
This excerpt from RS sums up Calle 13's inviting rhythm and prose. Lyrical content on their latest album "Los de Atra Vienen Conmigo" ranges from the importance of remembering one's Latin American roots, appreciating individuals' differences, social economic conditions present in Latin America to the lack of substance across Reggaeton songs. My fave track on the album, "La Perla" featuring Salsa legend Ruben Blades, serves as a moving ode to Residente's native San Juan barrio and touches on Residente's childhood and the everyday life of La Perla's residents. Calle 13 continues to stand out as they make avant garde music- intelligent witty and danceable.

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