Mos Def and MV Bill: Brooklyn Bridges Rio

When was the last time you got stoked about a fresh Mos Def verse? His new album The Ecstatic drops June 9th and is poised to resurrect Mighty Mos as an ambassador of hip hop. Amidst his acting success, Mos was able to remain an active social advocate, particularly making his voice heard with respect to the Bush administration’s slow response to the Katrina Hurricane.

As part of the filming of a 4real documentary series (highly recommend that one become acquainted with their efforts) Mos made his way to City of God, a favela (slum), in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. There, MC MV Bill exposed Mos to the daily crime and social hardships present in Brazilian ghettos and the two reflected on the revolutionary capacity of hip hop. Nowadays, the term "keepin it real" is tossed around by rappers. Look no further than Mos's and MV Bill's solidarity and fieldwork for a walking definition of it. The language barrier is no match for the MCs' fondness of hip hop and passion for social change.

In the near future HipHoPolitico will spotlight MV Bill's NGO Central Única das Favelas. In the meantime,
you will be treated to the official video for Casa Bey (which features a beat that was cut from Banda Black Rio's Casa Forte, a song that Mos discovered thanks to MV Bill) along with highlights from Mos's trip to Rio and MV Bill's inspiring and widely felt community work.

Mos Def- Casa Bey

MV Bill reflects on the importance of inspiring children

Mos Def gets profound once again

MV Bill comments on how American hip hop has influenced his music.

Mos gives props to the Brazilian hip hop movement

Hutúz Rap Festival

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