Lazy Sunday Nooner: From K-OS comes Clarity

Second to none in terms of versatility, K-os's vocals, guitar, keyboard and fire spitting flow shine on soulful R&B, reggae, dance and rock influenced numbers. Good luck to those that try to fit his music into a genre.
K-os brings it on his new album "YES!" Above is the single "4 3 2 1." It serves as a rap response to Feists's "1,2, 3, 4." In K'os's own words:
I thought how interesting would it be to do a hip hop version of this song? It's about the battle of the sexes, where I’m rapping "what are we fighting for?" Is this gender war going to happen forever? It's me saying I hope not.
The male-female relationship is a salient topic throughout the album ( W.H.I.P. Cream and The Avenue). K-os rarely hosts guest artists on his albums, yet on "Uptown Girl" he collaborates with fellow Canadians Metric's Emily Haines and The Dear's Murray Lightburn(listen below).

Back in 1999 K-os was featured (song: Eternal) on Toronto based production team Da Grassroot's ( Mr. Attic, Swiff and Mr. Murray)
Passage Through Time. The album is hip hop on a hammock, smooth like Ray Allen's jumper good and relaxing like Sunday afternoon. The thoughtful lyrics, the wealth of Canadian MCs in the mix and the impeccable transition from one track to the next makes Passage Through Time a classic. Simply put, I would not be fulfilling my HiphoPolitico mission if I had not taken the time to put the tracks in order under one Youtube playlist. My personal faves: Precious Metals, Price of Livin, Revival and K-os's Eternal. Ear candy is only a click away.

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