Lazy Sunday Nooner: Coast to Coast

Coastin' is my track of choice on Zion I's The Take Over. The song's piano and drum clap are ideal companions for a drive or sunset. The lyrics encourage one to remain balanced through success and struggle. They remind me of a few words one of my trifecta friends lives by:

know your ups and downs
sit tranquilly like bamboo
bend and do not break

The video for Coastin' is in the works. Breathe in breathe out, enjoy your Sunday/ a new month and a double dose of Zion I (check the video for "Fingerpaint" below).

Zion I- Coastin'

Cuz we came a long way since our days in the Ay
Sleepless nights was tryna get right
Now I just glide
Wind in my sails
I toast to the ocean
She balance my scales
West coastin'
Got the breeze at my left
Been leavin' me ???
When life do you well
Stay focused
True indeed it's a fact
When those hard times come, love will bring you right back

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