In Celebration of Cinco de Mayo

The Mexican hip hop movement began back in the early 90s. The history of Mexican hip hop is largely undocumented, making it virtually impossible to pinpoint true pioneers. Los Angeles based hip hop acts such as Cypress Hill, Delinquent Habits and Melo Man Ace are credited for propelling the popularity of Mexican crossover groups Molotov and Control Machete. Mexican hip hop remains veiled behind ranchera, cumbia , mexican love ballads, pop, and rock music that have dominated the mainstream. Prominent issues (as you will see below) present in hip hop Mexicano are immigration, preservation of indigenous culture, free trade, the need to address poverty and Mexican pride.

Since Mexican hip hop stemmed from the popularity of LA acts its only natural that its sound and images in its early years considerably mirror the gangster rap that was born in Los Angeles. The best is yet to come as Mexican hip hop continues to emerge and deviate away from the LA brand and picks up bits and pieces of regional flavor. For now, scouting the scene for MCs like Boca Floja (check it out below!) resembles having to dig through a room full of crates. But no worries, that process is whats makes discovering/sharing music via HiphoPolitico a good time.

Closing Cinco de Mayo thoughts:
  • Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican independence day.
  • Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexican military's victory against a stronger better equipped French army. (May 5, 1862)
  • Cinco de Mayo is not widely observed in Mexico.
  • Cinco de Mayo partyers should not worry about getting swine flu from drinking coronas.
  • Cinco de Mayo wouldn't be complete without Tequila Sunrise.

Delinquent Habits- Tres Delinquentes

Molotov- Gimme The Power

Control Machete- Si SeƱor

Boca Floja-Soul Rebel

Boca Floja- Autonomo

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