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Puerto Rico's Calle 13 is frequently and unjustifiably tagged with the Reggaeton label; this does not sit well with Calle 13 nor their growing fan base. The charismatic duo, made up of half brothers Residente and Visitante, have captivated listeners with their hybrid sound- exuberant latin ryhtyms, drums, new wave keyboards, tango, cumbia, Euro folk music, electronica...the list goes on. It leaves one scratching his head how Calle 13 can be classified under a homogenous genre like Reggaeton. Furthermore, their fun loving, satire and shock value filled and Puerto Rican slang embellished lyrics set Calle 13 apart from other leading musicians coming out of PR.

While their debut album was in the works Filberto Ojeda RĂ­os, commander in chief of the Puerto Rican revolutionary group refered to as Los Machateros (which sought independence for Puerto Rico from the US) was murdered in 2005 when FBI agents attempted to arrest him. Residente, a supporter of the Puerto Rican independence movement, responded to the suspect death by writing, producing and publishing the song " Querido FBI" ("Dear FBI", see below). The track's potency was unleashed via viral internet marketing as its lyrics appeared in local newspapers and shaped debates on the streets. A main dish of Calle 13's musical potpourri and a splash of Nelly Furtado's foxiness awaits below.

Calle 13- Electro Movimiento

Calle 13- Beso de Desayuno

Calle 13- No Hay Nadie Como Tu

Calle 13- Querido F.B.I.

Nelly Furtado featuring Calle 13- No Hay Igual

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