Zion I: From Futuristic Spiritual Grooves to Party Songs

Zion I's Mind Over Matter is hands down one of my favorite albums of all time. I've been hooked since my first listen to Silly Pudddy (click below) back in high school. In this age we all get caught up in doing the I-Pod shuffle, which is fun but takes away from the concept of an album as a whole. It feels like it was just yesterday that I would struggle to jam my CD player/walkman into my short pockets and never skip a track. Seldom, do we listen to albums from start to finish anymore, but MC Zumbi and producer Amp Live's Mind Over Matter is well worth that trip. If you're new to the Zion I crew do yourself a favor and sit back for 13 min and 48 secs to listen to the tracks below. Note: I will continue with Zion I's musical evolution over the next few days Correction: weeks. Stay tuned...

Silly Puddy

Revolution (B-boy Anthem)

How Many

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