YNPN's 2009 Leaders Conference: Transparent Synergy

had the pleasure of attending
Young Nonprofit Professionals Network’s (YNPN) 2009 Leaders conference. On a whole, today’s sessions revealed the abundance of knowledge and enthusiasm among YNPN members from California to the District of Columbia and addressed the need for YNPN chapters to maintain a high level of transparency among one another.

I was especially inspired by YNPN San Diego’s story. Previously serving on Denver YNPN Board of Directors, Emily Davis embraced her new residence in San Diego by seeking to develop a new YNPN chapter. In March of 2008 Emily crossed paths with fellow YNPN member Heather Carpenter, who shared the YNPN San Diego vision. Emily actually came equipped with YNPN business cards, flyers and sign up sheets to a networking event orchestrated by Heather. Her farsighted initiative proved successful as that event alone recruited 40 people to the YNPN San Diego cause.

The duo’s infectious zeal and extensive nonprofit and consulting experience have paid off as a year after its inception, YNPN San Diego boasts close to 300 members and is on the verge of launching its signature Professional Development Series. Simply put, the development of the San Diego chapter is a testament to the idea that individuals can make a difference. Stay inspired San Diego!

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