Kevin Beacham's Redefinition Radio

I was recently introduced to Minnesota Public Radio- The Current's (89.3 FM) outstanding "Redefinition Radio" led by creator and music enthusiast Kevin Beacham. Beacham, who goes by DJ Nikoless, shares classic hip hop and slept on underground gems with a growing audience from 11 PM to midnight on Saturdays. Simply considering the abundance of stations dedicated to playing oldies and classic rock and the obvious absence of classic and obscure hip hop radio brings the importance of Redefinition Radio’s mission to life. Beacham’s radio show distinguishes itself from others as it usually devotes the hour set to an educational theme- storytelling, Minneapolis based hip hop, sampling and tributes among many others. Furthermore, Redefinition Radio exhibits a flawless balance between tracks that make one want to reminisce and fresh tunes that may have flew under the mainstream radar. While hip hop puts off eternally young vibes, it has been around long enough that the efforts of historians such as Beacham are indispensable. Enjoy!


1. Kill The Vultures - "Rock Bottomless" '09
Instrumental: Lewis Parker - "Fake Charades" '98
2. M.F. Grimm - "Vultures" '06
3. UMC's - "Morals" '91
4. Atmosphere - "Little Math You" '08
5. K.M.D - "Boy Who Cried Wolf" '91
Instrumental: Theory Hazit - "Cry Wolf" '08
6. O Type Star - "I Wish, I May" '96
7. Kinetic Order - "Deconstruct" '92
8. Edikut - "Visionary" '09
9. Qwel - "I Forgive" 'Em
10. 1000 (a.k.a Shame Love Tempo) featuring Larry Milla - "A Man, My Brother, & Me" '99
Instrumental: Custom - "Summer Evening Cruise" '07
11. John Morrison - "Play (A Snake Headed Rainbow)" '09
12. Sims - "Rap Practice" '09
13. Ill Poetic featuring Eternia & Reef The Lost Cauze - "Souled Out" '09
14. Blu & Mainframe - "Mama Told Me" '09
15. Low Profile - "That's Y They Do It" '89
Instrumental: Dr Dre - "What's The Difference" '01
16. Digital Underground - "Same Song" '91

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