Fluid Friday

Funkghost's classic Ultra Boogie High Life(UBHL) LP dropped back in 2000. Honestly, I can not put how good the CD is into better words than Urbansmarts.com's review:

So what now? Are you stuck in a place where the sun don't shine, and where the gritty concrete of the streets you walk on, prevent you from even thinking of better days, of warm glistening sunbeams tickling your skin, that have you chill back, have your sprits be heated up and lay your head on the smooth surface of a blanket that good moods give to you to find a moment of true relaxation? Man, rid yourself of these shackles and board the Funkghost ship that will carry you into the sunset.
With only 20,000 copies in circulation, UBHL is rarer than a half Jewish Mexican( that's me), no doubt one of the most overlooked gems in hip hop history. Even all mighty google can not rescue Funkghost's sophisticated lyrics and jazzyness from obscurity. Lucky for me, my roomate introduced me to Funkghost my freshman year of college. At the time I was studying in St. Petersburg FL and Funkghost was doing his thing in Tampa, only a bridge apart yet if it wasn't for my roomate he probably would not have been on my radar. And none of us in our circle (Beecher Boys for Life) ever got a hold of the original album.

Almost 10 years after UBHL (hard to believe) Funkghost is back at it again. Enjoy the first single off "Dirty But Sophisticated." If its any indication of what's to come in 09 Funkghost's second effort will be far flashier. Time sure flys by but Funkghost's sound does not tire.

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