The Bridge Is Not Over

Where’s the R.E.E.L. Hip-Hop? Where I ask is the dignity, brazenness and style that characterize the mantra that, I am here and I will be heard? A trace of this spirit, which epitomizes the essence of hip hop found its way to the Honfleur Art Gallery in S.E. DC Wednesday March 18th. The evening gathering was sponsored by River East Emerging Leaders (R.E.E.L.) and sought to bring together residents and community leaders.

Adults, young and old, in fly gear and sweat suits, Roots inspired hip hop and Maxwell combined to create a comfortable atmosphere. The voices of men and women stressed the importance for sit down restaurants, the rejuvenation or demolition of abandoned buildings and the need for businesses. The networking of neighbors and sign up sheets all combined to represent the unification of generations. Here’s to the music in the backdrop.

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